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Mika's Vest Holster enables an officer to carry a handgun securely on the right side or left side of a bullet proof vest. Unlike most conventional vest holsters, Mika's Vest Holster bolsters the security of your handgun with an additional vertical strip of velcro.

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3 reviews for Vest Holster

  1. Kevin

    A co-worker told me about these vest holsters in 2007. I used it everyday I worked in uniform until we went to outer vest carriers with a built in backup gun pocket. I tried many other systems for carrying my backup on my vest and these holsters were undeniably the best. And the only vest holster that facilitated easy reholstering of my back up guns once finished at the jail. I have had one for a small revolver and a Kimber ultra. Both were excellent and stood up to many years of use.

  2. Bill Holmgren

    I ordered a iwb holster for my glock 30s. Fits absolutely perfect! Very comfortable. Comes out of concealment without any hangup. I’ve ordered a pocket holster and now a iwb. I am sold!

  3. Dave Garcia (verified owner)

    I have used this specific holster over the past 2 years every day and wouldn’t choose any other! Being a CCW carrier, I have been impressed with the old fashioned craftsmanship and design by Mika. I use it as a pocket holster instead of on a vest, just cared more for this design.
    It does not stick onto my firearm, Sig P938 when drawn and snags perfectly on and stays in my pocket. Being a large guy, over 350 lbs, I wear it mainly in my shorts pocket as opposed to my waist or on a vest and find it the perfect size without printing and is very comfortable.
    Thank you for an excellent product Mika!

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