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Solidly constructed of a combination of lightweight materials that are impervious to moisture thus preserving the finish of your treasured firearm. In addition, my pocket holsters will not “cling” to the firearm during the drawing process and thus allow for a rapid egress of the firearm and enable you to confront your threat quickly.

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Black, Brown, Black with Red Thread, Black with Green Thread, Black with Blue Thread, Black with Gray Thread, Brown with Red Thread, Brown with Gold Thread, Brown with Orange Thread


Round Cut, Square Cut

168 reviews for Pocket Holster

  1. Joe D (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier, well worth the wait. Thank you!

  2. Joseph Callahan (verified owner)

    My second purchase from Robert Mika and the experience was even better than I recall with the first. Both are for pocket holsters – one black/black and now brown with orange. As Robert mentioned in his call to acknowledge the order, I would be very pleased with the color choice and I am. Excellent product and exceptional customer support. Thanks!

  3. Volodymyr Kuznetsov (verified owner)

    Just received mine for Ruger LCR. Looks great and fits perfectly, best pocket holster ever!

  4. Jim McNelis (verified owner)

    Perfect for S&W J-Frame. I did round cut. Always stays in the pocket. Perfect.

  5. Phillip Malensek

    I’ve been using one of Mika’s pocket holster for over two years. The product is extremely durable and the craftsmanship is amazing. I highly recommend this product. What are you waiting for? Order one today! You will not be sorry.

  6. Abry Cahn (verified owner)

    I have caried a Mika’s pocket holster on a daily basis for probably thirteen years. It is as good today as it was when I first received it. I recently purchased a new pocket holster for a different handgun. When it arrived, I noticed the color was different from what I had ordered. It was for the right handgun; however, the color was wrong. I called Robert to tell him I was fine with the color, but would be glad to return it if that would be helpful. He told me to keep it and thanked me for the call. A few days later another holster arrived in the correct color. I can’t say I was surprised, as Robert is a stickler for detail and always wants to make sure his customers are happy. If you need a pocket holster you won’t find a better person to do business with. Five stars for Robert Mika and Mika’s Pocket Holsters.

  7. David Massena (verified owner)

    First off, let me give a shoutout to the customer service. Within minutes of me placing an order online Mr. Mika called me to talk about my order and his product. I value customer service and something as simple as a phone call from a small business about my order shows the kind of care that goes into the product.

    The product…I admit I was a bit skeptical about whether or not it would stay in my pocket when drawing out the firearm. I was wrong. It stays in when it should and when you want it to come out it does so easily. Is it magic? No, but it sure seems like it is. The quality is top notch. Stitching is great. The design in wonderful. I love the notes on the inside that indicate the build out of the holster.

    As long as Mika is in business it will be the ONLY pocket holster I ever buy. 100%

  8. Pete Sawczyn (verified owner)

    Pocket carried my 1st gen LCP for years in a DeSantis Superfly. Upgraded to the LCP MAX and could not find a verison of the Superfly that correctly fit the MAX w/Viridian E Series. The sights would get caught on the Superfly and trigger guard partially exposed. Not ideal for pocket carry.

    Went down rabbit hole of researching holsters that would be custom to my EDC carry and saw a video online reviewing holsters. That’s how I stumbled upon this gem.

    Ordered on Dec 26th, got a call less than 5 minutes from the owner telling me what I could expect from his product and answered all the questions I had. Received the holster about 4 weeks later, which isn’t that long for a custom product. I was extremely impressed with the product! Perfect fit, right amount of retention without restricting my draw. Stitching was robust and I could not be more pleased. Wanted to carry for week before reviewing and couldn’t be more satisfied! Most impressive is the price for what you get. Kydex is north of 60.00 and quite rough on shorts pockets her in Florida. For the price this purchase was a no brainer. Comfort, fit, craftsmanship and customer service it’s well worth the price and 4 week wait! Thanks!

  9. Randy Coile (verified owner)

    I ordered my pocket holster on Dec 27 2023, I received it exactly one month later January 27 2024. Exceptional quality, the absolute best customer service I have ever received, and it prints more like a wallet, than my actual wallet does. Living just south of Atlanta Georgia there are more automatic Glocks then people with sense (especially after Young Thug was locked up), being able to pocket carry nearly print free, yet with a roomy mouth on the holster means if I ever have to resort to my backup firearm I can rest assured my LCP Max will deploy as fast as any kydex holster on the market, ordering a second one soon as I’m done writing this review!

  10. Mikc

    Great holster. Ordered on line and shortly after got a call from Mr Mika. We discussed my needs and he modified my order a touch for how I was carrying. Over all perfect holster for my needs.

  11. Brock B (verified owner)

    The fit is excellent and it’s very secure in the pocket. The customer service from Mr. Mika was also excellent and I really couldn’t be happier with my new holster

  12. Clark Kindrick

    Best Pocket Holster I’ve found, I think I have every brand that have high reviews. Sad that I just happened on to this brand. I bought two for a couple pistols that are hard to find a holster for ( that works sorry xxxx bullpup, theirs don’t ) will probably get a couple more

  13. Erik Roberts (verified owner)

    This is the perfect pocket holster (round cut) for my 642. I have many holsters and this is the one I actually use. Feels super comfortable even with my tightest normal fitting pants (as opposed to 2 sizes larger for IWB carry) and it prints like a large wallet. Top notch craftsmanship and materials. Highly recommend!

  14. Jacob smith (verified owner)

    Have had my holster for over a year now and has held up extremely well. I have used it every day and work construction, and sometimes I do forget I have a j frame in my pocket. I remember when I was first looking at leather holsters the price was up there, I still can’t believe he is asking so little for the craftsmanship and customer support he provides.

  15. Randolph Shadoe (verified owner)

    I have a requirement for discrete carry, frequently pocket carry is my only option. Mr. Mika’s holsters meet all of my requirements 100%. Simply the best pocket holsters I have ever used. They remind me of the old toy truck commercial, “When was the last time you liked something so much you bought two more?” I now own three.

  16. Tom Ferreri (verified owner)

    MIKA’S POCKET HOLSTERS ARE THE VERY BEST, HANDS DOWN!!!! I bought my 1st Mika’s Pocket holster in 2015 and haven’t found a better one yet. To this day, I don’t know why, but, I tried a number of other big name pocket holsters including Galco, DeSantis, Sticky and Remora, and none come close to the function of a Mika’s. With all these failures, I bought a second from Rob. I was surprised when he called to discuss minutes after receiving the order. Why did I waste time and money on anything else? I must admit, we had a bit of confusion because Rob mistakenly referred to my 1st contact back in 2013. After a friendly phone conversation, everything moved forward as smooth as silk. Yep, he actually keeps his records. Talk about customer service!! I don’t believe any company, big or small, could reach back to a 10 year old email and call to apologize. I couldn’t be more satisfied than with a Mika’s Pocket Holster … Yes, the very best!!!!!!

  17. Don P. (verified owner)

    I was referred by a few people I know and trust. Arrived today exactly as expected and I am absolutely taken with the fit and quality. I will be ordering more in the future.

  18. B. R. Pucilowski (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. The attestment to Rob’s service is thoroughly established by other reviewers. The exceptional thing about his holster is the ease of draw. Very eager to break mine in more, and order one for my other subcompact in the future.

  19. Bikeguy (verified owner)

    Mika is an absolute professional. When I ordered the holster upon so many online recommendations I didn’t think much about it and thought I’d give em a shot. Well not ten minutes after ordering Mika himself called me to talk through the order and process. He was a kind gentleman who ensured me the quality and time frame of the holster. Received it quickly and immediately fell in love with it grasping my S&W 642 in my pocket. It’s a quality made leather pocket holster made just for me which is nice. You can even see my name on the inside from the leather marker he used to create my holster. Unique and quality. Definitely would purchase again. Thanks Mika.

  20. Bill S (verified owner)

    As an avid online purchaser, I love to read product reviews from actual users but rarely leave a review. In the case of Mika’s Pocket Holsters, I felt compelled to leave my feedback as this is simply an outstanding product. First, the order process was simple. Further, I received a personal follow-up phone call from the owner, Robert Mika, who confirmed my order and answered questions. The benefits of a boutique, custom shop vs. mass producers. Yesterday, I received the holster for my Beretta 21A Bobcat, and wow was I impressed. The holster fits in my pocket perfectly, similar to if you were putting your wallet in your pocket. There is no printing and it’s not bulky at all. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is A++, with an original design. If you are looking for an excellent concealed carry holster, your search has ended. BTW, I was so impressed, that I purchased another holster for another pocket pistol. Enjoy!

  21. Carl S (verified owner)

    Just received my holster today (black with green stitching) for my J frame. Top tier quality and craftsmanship.

  22. Stephanie S (verified owner)

    Great quality! The holster fits perfect and is extremely comfortable in my pocket! I’ve had issues with previous holsters in the past being uncomfortable and ripping holes right through my uniform but this pocket holster does the exact opposite. I love the attention to detail in the holster itself. Very much worth the wait!

  23. Alexander

    I bought one of these holsters back in 2021 for my S&W Model 12 snubnose. I eventually quit carrying that, but kept using the holster with a Taurus 856 I recently acquired. I like the holster enough that I thought I’d buy a second one specifically for my 856. I just received it today, and it’s excellent. Mr. Mika makes the best pocket holsters I’ve ever tried, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a quality pocket holster.

  24. tom (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased numerous pocket holsters from Mr. Mika and everyone has been perfect in quality and workmanship.

  25. Kevin (verified owner)

    Just purchased my second pocket holster. Have used one for my j-frame 357 since about 2009 and I love the way it holds the gun very concealed and comfortable yet never fails to stay in my pocket when I draw the gun. I have tried many other pocket holsters from cheap to expensive leather and I like the Mika pocket holster significantly more than any of the others.

  26. Frank Fowler (verified owner)

    I purchased a black Pocket Holster from Mika’s on 6/28/2023, for my Ruger LCRx, with a 3 “barrel. I received it on 7/22/2023.
    I can only add another five-star review, to all the others. I’ve practiced withdrawing and replacing the unloaded pistol, for the past few days. It functions flawlessly. Thank you, Mr. Mika, for producing such a great American craftsmanship product. I would highly recommend anyone needing a product Mika’s Pocket Holsters produces, purchase it. You won’t be sorry.

  27. John R. (verified owner)

    As with my last order; Mika Pocket Holsters has exceeded my expectations. Robert treats his customers far better than other companies; and provides a high quality product at a fantastic price! I 100% recommend “MIKA POCKET HOLSTERS” to anyone looking for a pocket holster.

  28. wilson prater (verified owner)

    Best pocket holster ever customer service provided by owner and producer hands down won’t ever buy another pocket holster

  29. Mike Snyder (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. I have one I paid twice as much for and yours really puts it to shame. I’ll be back.

  30. Michael (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a pocket holster for my j-frame, so I can carry in my scrub pants. The square bottom pocket holster fits that perfectly. The square bottom fits the shallow, square pockets of my scrubs and wont tip to let the butt of the gun be exposed out of the pocket. The “loose” retention and the grip on the holster allow me to draw without pulling out the holster in the wide scrub pockets.

  31. Hank Offermann (verified owner)

    Been carrying my Pocket Holster everyday for 2-weeks since I received it. This has become my favorite pocket holster holster. I live in an area where concealed carry is not allowed everywhere (post office, schools, etc) and the construction allows for safe and discreet unholstering/holstering when I need to store my revolver in the car safe while running errands.

  32. Roger Seitz

    I’ve had my Mika pocket holster for well over 10 years. Used with my S&W 640 .38. It works as well today as it did
    when new. Now my new female companion is using it and I need to replace it. WELL DONE Mika!

  33. Neil

    Fits like a glove..easy in and out..love it !

  34. Harlan Tait

    I purchased a pocket holster for a S&W 340pd back in 2010. It has been without a doubt the best pocket holster for a J-frame. When I recently ordered a 351c , I naturally came back. A great product!!!

  35. Gary R Robison (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and fit with easy draw & reholstering. If you are looking for the best-in-class pocket holster look no further. Thank You Robert. Too bad there isn’t a 6-star rating. Ruger SP101

  36. Abram (verified owner)

    Great holster and craftsmanship. The holster fits my 642 like a glove. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these holster for custom made by Mika for your favorite piece.

  37. Lance (verified owner)

    Fantastic holsters and fantastic service from Robert and team.

  38. Carl (verified owner)

    My second Mika holster for my 642. First one worked great but now I added a Lasermax laser to the 642 and the fit wasn’t quite right. Mr. Mika made me a new holster that fits the modified gun just perfectly!

  39. David Cho

    Not much to say… Sorry, I lied. This pocket holster -just- fits. Ordered a pair (square / rounded) each for my S&W Shield, P80 G43 & G26. It took a while but was *SO* worth the wait (can’t remember if it was 3 or 4 weeks or longer but didn’t matter to me). I primarily wear Wrangler Riggs pants and the front pockets are quite deep. The rounded holster sits solidly in the pocket. The holster stays in place during the draw (even if some of the pocket fabric comes out of the pocket opening). After the draw, the firearm is always out cleanly in my hand and I always end up with a solid grip. I’m not the quickest draw and a relative newbie but with dry fire, no stress and practicing a steady draw, I can still manage a sub-2 second draw… FROM A POCKET HOLSTER! And this is with any of the guns I used. Mr. Mika’s communication during the process on confirming my order, keeping me appraised of the wait / build / shipping and post receipt follow up was very much welcomed / appreciated. This type of Customer Service is quite rare these days but sorely needed. Thank you Mr. Mika. To the negative – If there is any critique to be had, it would be the fact that it takes me several seconds to decipher the handwriting on the inside of the holster. But that is most probably just me not being able to pretty much read anyone’s handwriting… I waited a few months of using the holsters before writing this review. Sufficed to say, I love this holster and there would have to be a *VERY* compelling reason for me to choose another pocket holster besides Mr. Mika’s holsters.

  40. Ron Williams (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what one more 5-star review is going to do amongst all these other five star reviews, but I like this so much I want to post a review.

    First I want to say this is super fast turnaround time. I know my holster was made specifically for me and my firearm, not taken off of a shelf so the fact that I got it so quickly is downright amazing. I don’t know of any other custom holster maker that meets this quick turnaround time.

    The holster itself is fantastic. Very well-made, very simple and fits my Taurus 605 like a glove. I had considered just using this one for some of my Smith & Wesson J frame as well, but I’ve decided after getting this one that I’m going to order another for those.

    If this is something you’re on the fence about look at all these reviews look at the inexpensive price and ask yourself what you’re waiting for.

  41. Stephen H. (verified owner)

    My third Mika holster was just delivered today. This one is for a S&W 442. The way these holsters stay in the pocket during the draw really is remarkable. I’ll never buy anything other than a Mika for pocket carry.

  42. Marc Conley (verified owner)

    I ordered a rounded pocket holster for a 3″ barrel Taurus 942 (.22 caliber) revolver. I am extremely pleased with what I have received. The size is perfect, very adequately covering the trigger guard and trigger. I have tried it and the gun in an ordinary pair of bluejeans. Due to the 3″ barrel, the gun handle shows a little bit (goes above pocket), but that’s the fault of the jeans, not the holster. (Need ones with slightly deeper pockets to be optimal.) I can do a quick draw, and the gun comes out effortlessly, but the holster stays totally in place. I looks and feels like it is well made, and I consider it a much better value than other similarly priced, but mass-produced, pocket holsters I have seen in-store and online. I like the internally reinforced mouth of the holster that helps ensure that when it is empty it stands open enough to more easily insert the gun without the sides of the holster interfering with the trigger — provides more confidence, less worry. Would I get another for another pocket concealed carry gun? You bet!

  43. Alan (verified owner)

    Excellent well made holster! Fit j- frame S&W 642 perfectly!

  44. Quintin L (verified owner)

    To say that I’m a fan would be an understatement! At the moment I’m using a jframe round, it’s the best pocket holster I’ve ever had. Stays open, perfect snag free draw from the pocket. It’s absolutely phenomenal! Nothing else even comes close!

  45. Bobby Higgins (verified owner)

    Great product. Just ordered another for my Smith j frame.
    Have tried a bunch of pocket holsters including some custom. This one releases the gun and “stays” in my pocket. Great holster

  46. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Fantastic product with great craftsmanship. So much so that I ordered another one to have both black and brown colors.

  47. Dakota

    This holster has been in my pocket on duty and off duty for the last 5 years and still looks brand new. After buying and using an estimated 10 pocket holsters Mika’s is hands down the best. Keep making a great product!

  48. Gary Paddy (verified owner)

    Awesome holsters, built with pride here in the USA. Thank you!

  49. Gary Paddy (verified owner)

    The fit and finish of Mikas holster is as good as it gets. I couldn’t be happier, I wish I would have found his holsters sooner. Right out of the package it’s so easy to draw from the pocket and the holster stays in the pocket just as it should. These holster are made with pride, right here in the USA. Thank you for providing such a quality product.

  50. Geoff C.

    I was looking forward to when this arrived, I love it. It works exactly as Mr.Mica said it would. Thank you sir for the beautiful piece.

  51. Tyler Nelson (verified owner)

    Awesome product, awesome business

  52. skip (verified owner)

    Just got one for my 442 and love it: Mr. Mika contacted me promptly after placing my order: ship time was accurate and the holster is excellent: customer service over the top: thanks, skip

  53. Matthew Ragnar S. (verified owner)

    These are the best pocket holsters, period. Especially after breaking them in for a while. I have a couple. S&W 642 square cut I’ve had for about a decade, and I just received my Sig P365 square cut. Perfect fit right out of the package and they only get better with age like a comfortable pair of shoes. Hand stitched leather and a tacky outside that keeps the holster in the pocket while the weapon is drawn is exactly what I want. The price is very reasonable and the product is vastly superior to similar off-the-shelf holsters at the gun shop, Bass Pro or Cabela’s… etc. Craftsmanship is great. I don’t like carrying holsters on my hip. I prefer the pocket and these holsters are perfect for my desires. Highly recommended.

  54. Robert White (verified owner)

    I’m going to write this review after owning the pocket holster for 5 years. A great holster that does what it was designed to do. After 5 years it still looks and functions like brand new.

  55. Larry Handal (verified owner)

    I love my new squared pocket Holster in black. Very nice high end feel to the material used. My P365X with Laser fits like it’s in a glove. I am thrilled with the personal note in the holster. Thank you for such a nice purchasing experience!

  56. Joe S (verified owner)

    Another vote for “best pocket holster ever”. Perfect fit, stays in pocket as designed, will probaly outlive me. This is the one you want!!!

  57. R Minor (verified owner)

    Nice holster for MP 340.
    It’s perfectly constructed and sized for my firearm and my pocket. It is thin, inexpensive, built with quality and works well for the intended purpose. I don’t need a 1″ slab of leather to hold a 14 oz snub nose in my pocket and I love the thin profile and excellent concealability of this product.

  58. Blaine Newlin (verified owner)

    A friend from our USPSA club recommended Mika’s Pocket Holsters. I started with a square cut for my S&W 60, then added a round cut for my 340 (I can use either in either holster, depending on the pants). Then another round cut for my Walther PPK and today one for my S&W 65 3″. When the pants pockets are deep enough, this should be an awesome pocket gun. Within hours I received a call the new holster is shipping soon and asked for a call back when I receive it. Awesome service and product! Much appreciated.

  59. Jeff Perry (verified owner)

    I purchased a Smith & Wesson j frame pocket holster,I received it in 3 days and it fits my J-Frame perfectly pockets perfectly very easy to remove from pocket and place back in holster and pocket, very happy with the quality and the personal touch of Mr Mika, calling to confirm my order and letting me know it was going to be shipped out It’s hard to find a great product and great service all at the same place, Thank you very much!

  60. Marcus Bowen (verified owner)

    Mr.Mika was the most professional person I’ve had the chance to chat with. He called to to explain the holster to me and wanted to make sure I was taken care of well he went beyond expectations this is an amazing holster and he will have a repeat customer. I highly recommend this holster and would buy it again. Although with the quality I don’t think I will have too.

  61. David (verified owner)

    Been going through various pocket holsters and was never quite happy. I am one of those folks that wants to draw straight out of the pocket without dragging the holster along for the ride. And I do not want to change my draw style and presentation by having to rake the draw back so a holster can hook a pocket edge as an anchor so it can separate from the gun. No such problem with this holster. No friction with the gun…just a smooth draw. This is also the first pocket holster i have had that I can easily re-holster the gun without having to remove the holster from the pocket to do so. Great product.

  62. Ken S. (verified owner)

    I heard about Mika’s pocket holsters when I was on a Kahr forum, So I order one for my cw9. I am very happy with the look, feel and fit. The price is right and fast shipping. Now I need to order one for my 642.

  63. Gary Butkus (verified owner)

    I bought the rounded-bottom option. I just received the holster and began practicing with it. Works extremely well. The holster stays in the pocket 100% of the time. Mika’s pocket holsters get rave reviews and now I know why. Can’t go wrong.

  64. John Larsen (verified owner)

    After some research I became convinced that Robert Mika’s pocket holster was the best option for a S&W 642.
    I don’t have another brand to compare it to and I don’t see a reason to test anything else because Robert’s pocket holster works perfectly every time.

  65. J. N. Michael (verified owner)

    I ordered a pocket holster from Robert last year for my J-Frame revolver for carry during the summer. Robert suggested the curved holster based on the type of clothes I wear. It has been two summers now and this holster has passed the test. I liked it so much that I recently purchased another holster from Robert for my P365. This will be the last pocket holster you will buy. Easily 5 stars!

  66. Austin (verified owner)

    I’ve used this pocket holster for years, it’s still in perfect condition and I use it EVERY DAY, I haven’t left my house without it, i’ve drawn from it hundreds of times and it never leaves my pocket, if it does then it means you’re grabbing part of the holster and need to teach yourself not to.

    It’s perfect because it doesn’t grip the gun, it’s more like a shell to put it into that also covers the trigger and trigger guard, it is VERY safe, everyone that knows the tactics involved with pocket holsters knows this is the best on the market, you can reliably draw without ever having to worry about the holster leaving your pocket (by doing it right) because the holster doesn’t GRIP the gun.

    I waited years to review it, it looks brand new as if i’ve never used it despite using it every single day, I don’t leave the house without it.

    I’ll be buying more, looking at the magazine pouches right now.

  67. Jack W Horton

    I bought one of your holsters for my S&W 642 a million years ago. It’s simple and it works. Still use it every day. Great product!!!

  68. David (verified owner)

    I ordered the black round cut holster for my S&W 637. It fit perfectly and because of the quality workmanship will last a long time. The holster stays where it should when drawing the revolver.

  69. Mark

    What I’m looking for in a pocket holster boils down to 4 things. I need it to reliably stay in my pocket on the draw, to conceal well, to be comfortable enough for everyday carry, and to offer proper trigger protection. Mr. Mika, your holsters properly check those boxes for me. I’ve tried many others that might have hit a few of those points in the past but failed others. I’m very impressed with your craftsmanship. Also, your professionalism on the phone was top notch. I appreciated that attention to detail, of discussing what type of pocket and pant I am dealing with which in my case is the basic ripstop Wrangler cargo pant. The holsters fit them perfectly! For reference I bought two holsters, one for the Kahr CM9 and one for the Ruger LCP. They fit them both to a tee. Thank you also for the quick and easy email correspondences. Highly recommended, thanks again!

  70. G. Michael White (verified owner)

    I have been carrying a S&W 340 M&P in a Mika’s pocket holster, and I am very happy with it.
    The holster stays in pocket 100% when drawing, even in shorts.
    This is my favorite summer concealed EDC when wearing shorts and a t shirt.
    In terms of safety, ease of draw, concealment, durability, and comfort… all 5 stars!
    Thanks for delivering what you advertise sir.

  71. Mark Biggar (verified owner)

    Wow….. great pocket holster for my S&W 642 revolver. Quality all the way. Gun fits fine and the holster provides a very comfortable fit in my pocket. Fast shipping and great communication. I highly recommend. Five Stars!!!

  72. MICHAEL SHELTON (verified owner)

    Incredibly comfortable and extremely well made! Customer service is way above and beyond what you should expect. I got a call from Robert Mika soon after I ordered it to confirm the order! The holster itself is very high quality- much better than you could get in a store off the shelf. These are custom made and are shipped very quickly! I will be buying for my future needs here!

  73. Alex (verified owner)

    Bought one of these for my S&W Model 12 2″. It was just what I was looking for; thank you.

  74. D. Y. (verified owner)

    Ordered Mika’s pocket holster for the Smith Wesson 442 j-frame. The revolver draws out of the holster from the pocket swiftly and easily without the holster falling out. The holster covers the trigger guard completely. Simple and effective design. Robert Mika has my full support and will be recommended to everyone I know who pocket carries.

  75. Army Major

    Quality work from a quality man. Best holter I have ever owned.

  76. Andrew Scarimbolo (verified owner)

    Thankyou Robert for making me such a fantastic pocket holster for my 642. The round cut fits perfectly in my pocket. The gun pulls out of my pocket with ease because of your design. I couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks again.

  77. Eric

    The problem with such a holster, at least for the manufacturer, is you only need one. While a brand new P2 25 years ago I bought one of your holsters for my model 49 back up. It is still in amazing condition all these years later. I am going to retire before the holster fails. They are part of LAPD history.

  78. Cristian Espinal (verified owner)

    I really like this pocket holster for my S&W 642. I ordered a round-cut. It does its jobs really well. 1) It effectively breaks up the outline of the revolver in pants pockets. I’ve tried it in several different types of pants and it breaks up the outline well. 2) It keeps the revolver positioned consistently and the grip away from the mouth of the holster to allow for a clean draw. 3) It stays in the pocket while drawing. It takes a deliberate effort to remove the holster from the pocket with the revolver in it.
    The product itself gets 5 stars, but Robert’s customer service guarantees it.

  79. Dan (verified owner)

    I have to give this high marks. I got this for an LCRx and it’s sweet. Fits really well and provides a good full grip while in pocket and shields the hammer well. On my first draw the holster stayed in the pocket as it should. I have had other pocket holsters that do this after break in but never one that stayed on the first draw. I also like the round bottom option as I carry in front pocket and most pocket holsters I have tried have a flat bottom and the gun then cants toward the front of the pocket making the grip a little weird – no problems with this one on that due to round bottom. Also a shout out to seller for calling me about half hour after my order to confirm and ask if any questions. Highly recommended and I am sure I will be a repeat customer

  80. Stuart Price (verified owner)

    I ordered Roberts pocket holster about 6 months ago and I love the craftsmanship and comfortability of his holsters. If you are looking for a good comfortable quality Quick on the Draw McGraw pocket holster, look no further than Mikas pocket holsters.. Also, I just recently added a laser to my sidearm and I contacted Robert and let him know what I needed and like always, he called me to sort out what exactly what it was that I needed! I am looking forward to my new holster…

    Thank you Robert for all that you do, your pocket holsters are second to none!

  81. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing holster! My j frame disappears in my pants pocket. Tried various different pocket holsters from Uncle Mike’s to Sticky holsters. This one is by far THE best pocket holster I’ve purchased for my j frame. Knowing that it’s hand made, shows the dedication and craftsmanship Robert Mika puts in his work. Thank you for the best pocket holster.

  82. Ken Sterner

    These are well made and well designed holsters. Every other holster sits in the drawer now. Exactly what I needed for discrete pocket carry in Florida.

  83. Mike L (verified owner)

    I have three holsters from Mr. Mika. I would expect a little variation from a one man shop who is making these himself, but they are cut so precisely it is amazing. Each holster is just tall enough to cover the entire length of the slide. The trigger guard is perfectly covered.

    The gun comes out of the pocket and the holster stays in place – every single time. Thank you so much for great work Mr. Mika.

  84. Dan B

    Ordered my first one after reading review in Gun Digest about 3 years ago after about giving up on finding a good pocket holster for my S&W j frame. After 3 plus years riding in my right front pocket daily it’s still like the day I bought it and have purchased additional ones to give as gifts since. Absolutely is the best holster for pocket carry I have come across and helps me with the first rule of a gun fight HAVE A GUN because if it’s not easy and comfortable to use you will probably leave it at home.

  85. Barnett (verified owner)

    Robert, Thank you for processing my order so quickly. Received the square bottom variation of your pocket holster, and am very pleased with what arrived. The holster’s workmanship is first class and the concept fits my lifestyle perfectly. I am a retired person in Florida – just jeans and “T” shirt for the most part. I have never felt physically comfortable carrying an inside the waistband, bulky leather holster. My revolver is a Smith & Wesson M&P 340 “J” frame, with a Crimson Trace laser incorporated. Fits perfectly inside your pocket holster. The revolver has no bind on withdrawal and the holster stays in place. I am getting pretty proficient drawing from it too. With any of my lite weight “T” shirts the bottom of the shirt just covers the pocket opening of my jeans. There is no apparent pocket distortion to be noticed. Walking or sitting in the car – presents no discomfort at all, as compared to the rigid bulkiness of my leather holster. Robert, your price is extremely reasonable and the quality of your workmanship is quite apparent.

  86. MikeJ (verified owner)

    This is the third Mika pocket holster for me. I have one for my .38spl revolvers, one for my Taurus TCP and now one for my Sig 365. As with the other two Mika pocket holsters they stay in place in my pockets, make the weapon secure and safe and if if need to remove the piece it’s easily accessed. My Dad and brother have Mika pocket holsters as well and love them.

  87. Forrest (verified owner)

    The pocket holster I ordered and received for my S&W 342 is perfect in functionality, comfort and appearance. I have used just about every brand of pocket holster available for 30 plus years and this one is the best. I really appreciate that it has a minimal profile and doesn’t print in the pocket like many others. I am ordering another one today for a S&W 317 three inch. Five Stars!

  88. Eric

    Below is the email I just sent Mr. Mika. He called me after I placed the order. One of his concerns was that USPS was having long delays. He wanted to know when I received the order to see if his concerns were valid. His call also provided me a chance to chat with him. These are the best holsters I have ever bought. Plus the customer service and craftsmanship are outstanding.

    Hello Mr. Mika,
    As you requested I wanted to pass along when I received your pocket holsters. That happened this afternoon. Below is the tracking information. The largest delay was from Readstown to St. Paul. St. Paul to Orlando, and delivery, was just a day. I am not complaining at all. I would have waited much longer. They were packed perfectly so as not to ruin the shape. I can’t say how pleased I am with your product and customer service. Your phone call after the order was a very nice touch and well appreciated. I have just tried out both holsters. They do exactly as you described. They are so sticky they don’t really even come out easily from the pocket without a weapon in them. That is not a complaint. Kudos on your design. It is excellent. These are exactly what I was hoping for. I also love that they are signed by you. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. They are perfect for what I need. I will be wearing one of them tonight. I will also be passing along my thoughts to all my friends. I will be ordering from you again. Hopefully I can drum up some more business for you on the Space Coast.
    Thank You,

  89. Thomas Owen (verified owner)

    Well where do I start? I was hesitant buying, but glad I did. I ordered a holster to pocket carry my S&W PC 442-1. Fit and finish is awesome. And as for the call back after you order… who does that? Robert Mika. That’s who! It means alot to people when the seller takes time to touch base with the buyer to make sure everything is in order before he starts. I respect Mr. Mika and what he has done helping people all these years. Thank you again sir! God bless and stay safe!!

  90. Brent (verified owner)

    I have a Mika pocket holster for my S&W 442. The holster works perfectly. Carries beautifully and draws very smoothly without bringing the holster along for the ride. Very happy!

  91. Edward R Gleeson (verified owner)

    Just got my pocket holster for my S&W 637 2inch Airweight. IT’S PERFECT! The draw is smooth and re-holster is equally smooth too. Required no ‘break-in’ period at all. VERY HAPPY. recommend MIKA products to anyone.

  92. John Macklen (verified owner)

    Purchased the pocket holster for S&W 3 inch Model 19. Great service and quality. This is my 2nd holster. I bought one about 10 years ago for a S&W 340pd and it has done the job perfectly and is still in near new condition.

  93. John Lowe (verified owner)

    Ordered a Pocket Holster for my S&W 638. Received it quickly and was impressed with the holster. Absolutely sticks in the pocket on the draw. Excellent quality.

  94. John Berletich (verified owner)

    I ordered a pocket holster for a S&W 642 less than two weeks ago. You can imagine my surprise when the holster was delivered today! And what a holster it is! I was a deputy sheriff for 20 years and for six of those years I was the primary firearms instructor for San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department. I had the privilege to use some of the finest holsters made. But this one by Mika is the best I have every tried. Beautiful quality and stays in pocket on every draw. How much do I like it? As soon as I finish with this review I am going to order two more and two mag pouches! These are excellent holsters and, based on the quick delivery time I experienced, now might be a great time to order.

  95. Lawrence J Almeida

    Bob Mika called me as soon as he rec’d my order to make sure everything would be correct. It is the only holster I use for my .38 Chief Special Model 36 revolver. Well constructed. Easy to access to firearm. Stays in your pocket when it should. Easy to re-holster, if necessary. Inexpensive, but custom made for YOUR gun. Had mine for years now.

  96. thom shepherd (verified owner)

    Seecamp32 square bottom holster ; Exactly what I wanted for frt. pocket carry, Lots of character / Hand made / well made! Fantastic. Thanks

  97. Jason Fearrington (verified owner)

    First off, after placing my order Mr. Mika gave me a call 30 minutes later. Super nice guy and asked if I had any questions. Two weeks later I received my holster and love it. Fits my Glock 42 perfectly and holster stays in pocket on draw. Many pocket holsters on the market and many have there difficulties. I researched many and came across his, and am glad I did. Top notch customer service and a great product!

  98. Chad C. from NM

    I have 642 pocket holster I purchased 10 years ago. It is still in the carry rotation for cargo pants pocket carry. I’m getting ready to purchase another holster for a S&W Shield. This is a great company. Do not hesitate to purchase from them.

  99. Dan (verified owner)

    Pocket holster s&w 642
    As a police officer I carry my Smith and Wesson J frame 642 as a backup in my pocket everyday, every single day. i’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even realize I have it with me. Robert is a consummate professional. I’ve have the holster for a little over a year and it’s been a life saver. Simple, to the point and exactly what you need. Not frills, no Brazilian sharkskin., just raw necessity to get you through the shift. I appreciate the discussion Robert and I had. Cop to cop he gets it. I’ve owned dozens of holsters totaling hundreds of dollars and this by far meets the need more than any of them. You don’t need fancy you just need practical. I don’t go anywhere without my Mika pocket holster and smith 642. Regardless of what your occupation if you’re interested in concealed carry especially pocket carry a J frame you would be remiss in not exploring this option. i’ve carried my smith 642 in aMike pocket holster for over year and there’s been absolutely no holster where on my firearm. When I explain to my coworkers the importance of carrying a second weapon and then show them that I’ve been caring a J frame in my pocket the whole time they are absolutely 100% surprised that I had My second weapon in my pocket. they are surprised. You learn overtime it’s not about magazine capacity it’s about proper training, convenience, conceal-ability and confidence. Just think of how many times a treacherous situation could’ve been abated had someone had a J frame in their pocket as opposed to the 1911 in their glove box.

  100. Dave H. (verified owner)

    Pocket holster for my Smith & Wesson 43 C came in today, and I’ve been trying it out. Phenomenal – totally exceeds my expectations. Fits my 43 C like a glove, yet draws smoothly and easily. Easy to re-holster, too. And I like how Mika has signed it, as made especially for me. Very pleased.

  101. John Frankenburger (verified owner)

    Ordered the square cut pocket holster for my Sig P365 to replace another brand I’ve used for a little less than a year and no longer stays in my picket when drawing the pistol as well as it should. My initial reaction is the Mika should be good for a long, long time. I really like the way it’s cut and drawing is a breeze. I was shocked it showed up so quick since they’re custom made. Wonderful product and service. I think I’ll order a round cut as well for smaller pockets.

  102. Jon Heath (verified owner)

    Great Pocket Holster for Taurus 605 and Similar J Frame Size Revolvers! Recently ordered and received (sooner than expected) the holster. I’ve had some time to work with it now, and want to say it is a great holster that has an amazing ability to stay in place during the draw. Whatever materials Robert has chosen, it seems to be a perfect setup. So another 5 star rating from a very satisfied customer.

  103. Jordan D. (verified owner)

    Got my Glock 42 holster a few days ago. Turnaround time was way faster than I expected for a custom handmade holster.

    The holster itself, is just perfect. Stays put when I draw, whether gym shorts, flannel sleeping pants, or my every day wear pants. Fantastic, and I would strongly recommend this to anyone.

    Printing is also not an issue with his design, and I have a feeling I will be carrying my 42 a lot more frequently since it is so easy and comfortable to carry with this holster.

    Thanks Robert!

  104. willschatt221 (verified owner)

    Just opened the second Pocket holster I’ve purchased from here. Had the same experience as I did back in October 2018 – nothing but perfection. Beautifully crafted, skillful attention to detail, but the processing and shipping this time was much much faster than it was more than a year ago. I love that Mr. Mika puts your name and date of production in each and every one. The first was a round cut holster for a Ruger Sp101, this time was a square cut for a Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle – two very different makes, but both equally impressive and extremely well-made and practical.
    He’s certainly found his niche creating the best pocket holster that anyone can buy on the market, handmade without even breaking the bank.

    Thank you very much, and please never stop doing what you do. The more capable, armed law-abiding citizens the world has in these crazy times, the better, and you are playing a vital part in this.

  105. Kurt

    I have a drawer full of holsters I never use. This Mika holster has never been in that drawer because it’s always in my pocket carrying my Kahr CM9. Custom / handmade quality makes this the best pocket holster you will find anywhere at any price!

  106. MICHAEL SALINAS (verified owner)

    Just got my (2) Mika Pocket Holsters today. Wait… did I say two? I only ordered one; thank you so much! Officer Robert Mika called me last week and we spoke about my order. A few days later… I get it in the mail; personalized and everything. He truly cares about his customers. Robert, thank you for your years of service as a Police Officer. I now own two of these magnificent holsters for my Smith & Wesson, Chief’s Special. Back the Badge, Blue Lives Matter.

    Semper Fidelis,

    Michael M. Salinas
    GySgt USMC (Ret.)

  107. Ray (verified owner)

    Absolutely top notch holster! Fits my Beretta Tomcat perfectly…..breaks up the outline of pistol in my pocket….cannot tell I am CCW. Will be ordering more….

  108. bransky (verified owner)

    I love it when a product: 1) works perfectly 2) seems to last forever 3) is reasonably priced 4) and is built with pride. These four attributes describe a Mika holster. I purchased my first Mika holster 20+ years ago. It still works great and shows minimal wear. I recently bought a Sig P365 and ordered both the square and round Mika holsters for it. They both fit the P365 perfectly and I am confident they will provide me with decades of trouble-free service. Thank you Mr. Mika.

  109. Bryan Powers (verified owner)

    I have used a holster from Robert Mika for about a year or more, and it is, hands down, the best pocket holster I have used. I got it for my S&W Bodyguard 38, and I would recommend these holsters over any others. It takes a little while to receive it, because Robert makes them himself, but you will receive a very well made holster. If your going to spend money on a holster anyway, why not spend it on the best.

  110. Mike A (verified owner)

    I have several holsters from Mr. Mike and this latest one, a round cut pocket holster for a S&W 36, is perfect. It carries the weight in the front pocket of my Lee jeans comfortably without printing. If it was an Airweight model you would probably forget it was even there. Another winner from Mr. Mika!

  111. Shawn Kelly (verified owner)

    This is a very well made holster. It makes pocket carry comfortable and it stays firmly in the pocket allowing for a fast draw. I have already recommended this to the police officer in my family.

  112. RALPH H. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this pocket holster for my Smith J frame. I was very surprised when he personally called me to discuss my order. No one does that anymore! Excellent customer service! Product was delivered on time as promised. Excellent turn around for a custom product. The holster is a quality product for a great price. I’ve had a couple of months now to use this holster. I’ve used other holsters for pocket carry in the past but Robert has it perfected from years of field experience. As promised it provides a smooth drag free draw which is imperative for concealed carry. The holster also stays put due to the material wrapped around it. The mouth stays open for an easy reholster. The personal inscription is a great touch. This is now my go to holster for the little Smith. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another holster. Thanks Robert!

  113. Jim Kocks (verified owner)

    I received both a rounded and square pocket holster for my Ruger sp101 357 Mag, 3 inch barrel. The gun fits nicely in both holsters and the two styles of pockets I have in different pants. Gun comes out smoothly while the holster stays put, just what you want it to do. These holsters are designed and crafted very well and conceal this 3 inch barrel gun nicely. Robert went out of his way to accommodate me and his pride in workmanship shows.
    Thanks again!

  114. Steven Umbria (verified owner)

    I have a Springfield Armory 45 XDS. I originally carried in my pocket trying a few different holsters and found “Sticky” holster to work best It worked OK in the beginning but sometimes came out with the gun. As it got older, it came out with the gun much more. Couldn’t have that, so I found Mika pocket holsters. I read some good reviews and decided to get one. Mr. MIka called me shortly after I ordered and told me about himself and his company and asked about me. Nice conversation.. A refreshing, unheard of acton. Had to wait some time but because he makes these himself, by hand, it was acceptable to me. I received the holster and so far it’s exactly what I wanted. My firearm goes in and out without issue and the holster stays put everytime. Simple perfection.. What a concept! Great Holster! Get one..

  115. Ian Rhyne (verified owner)

    I just started carrying recently and have been so impressed with how easy these holsters have made it for me. I am very happy with my purchase.

  116. Bruce Darby (verified owner)

    Am very impressed with my new Mika holster. I don’t see how a pocket holster could get any better. Some pocket holsters require that you push your thumb into the holster to pull the gun out. The opening of the Mika holster does not collapse when its in the pocket making it easy to draw and re-holster.

  117. Randy Braun

    I ordered a square bottom holster from Mika for my J-frame a few years ago. It’s a great holster. I get a firm grip on the firearm and am able to draw it smoothly knowing that the holster will stay in my pocket. Reholstering is a breeze as well without having to remove and then reinsert the holster. I like it so much, that I have just ordered a round bottom holster for jeans and pants with shallower pockets. Look, Mika holsters are a bargain … top quality and incredible functionality. What are you waiting for? Just order one now … you can thank me later for the recommendation.

  118. Mike A (verified owner)

    This is my second pocket holster for the Kahr P380 that I’ve purchased from Robert Mika. This one has the flat (vs. rounded) bottom for shorts and cargo pants with squared pockets. This holster really does make carrying the P380 much more comfortable. I absolutely recommend it. Thank you for another fine holster, Mr. Mika!

  119. JMA (verified owner)

    I originally had “that other brand” of pocket holster that in the beginning worked pretty good. However, with time, the material it was made of a changed as it aged (we’re only talking like one year) and it got to the point that the firearm (Sig P-238 with the Sig Laser) simply got harder and harder to retrieve it from the holster as in the material got ‘sticky’ and the firearm stuck to it…NOT GOOD! So, through the forums I discovered Mika’s Holsters and decided to give it a shot. So far I’m VERY happy with the holster. It’s minimal, but it covers what it’s supposed to cover, it’s lightweight and does not leave much of a print in my pocket, and drawing the firearm out of my pocket is super easy and the holster just stays in my pocket. I’ve tried it with several different pairs of pants and it works great! Looking at the construction of the holster and the material it’s made of I don’t think it will deteriorate over time. This holster is a winner for me! I will certainly be purchasing more in the future. P.S. The communication with Robert through ordering and shipment is very good.

  120. Mark Schroeder (verified owner)

    I found Robert Mika through the internet. No one, and I mean no one, had anything but praise for these handmade pocket holsters. Count me in as another praising review. After ordering online, Robert called me and left a voicemail thanking me for my purchase from him and reviewed what holster I had selected for the particular gun I wanted fitted. It did take a few months to receive but it is worth it. He personally signed the inside of the holster adding; Made for (my name), the model of the S&W model 36 gun the holster was made for, and he hand signed and dated it. Sweet touch! The holster is wonderfully functional for a quick draw and never leaves the pocket. There are more Mika Holsters coming for me in the future. Nothing compares to this great product. Get a couple of them. You’ll be glad you did.

  121. Saran Paramatmuni (verified owner)

    Hi Prospective buyer,
    I have rarely seen delivery as great (and even more .. if I may say) as the sales pitch, that’s exactly what Robert has demonstrated. I’m greatly pleased. His attitude towards compensating his customer even for minute mishaps (insignificant delivery delays) tells that he cares a lot more about having a recurring / long-term customer than a mere one-time financial profit. He certainly won me over as a recurring customer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his products to my friends and family.
    Thank you Robert

  122. Mike A (verified owner)

    I received the pocket holster that Robert Mika hand-crafted for my KAHR P380 this week.
    I had been using a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster in the interim and thought it was all I needed until my Mika holster arrived.
    My P380 carries perfectly in his holster and was well worth the wait.
    Presentation and reholstering are effortless.
    I also find it to be a very handsome holster and I appreciate the personalized touch on the inside.
    Thank you so much for a truly high quality product, Robert!

  123. James Wood (verified owner)

    I’ve carried my S&W 442 in one of Robert’s pocket holsters for several years now. I have only one thing to say…………………………..IT WORKS!
    I just ordered one for my Glock 26 and can’t wait for it to come in.

    Buy with confidence……………………………great product

  124. Terry Norris (verified owner)

    I recieved mikas pocket holster for my ruger lcr. Its perfect! Fits the pocket well, holster doesnt pull out of my pocket when i draw the pistol. Its well worth the wait time.

  125. Wesley Abreu

    I too purchased both front & rear pocket holsters in 8/2006 They’re hand written inside by Bob Mika the maker and with my name in them and the date of purchase. !2 years old and still like new. I like the fact that you can re-holster the J-frames with the holster still in the pocket. Fantastic holster, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top quality pocket holster. BTW mine are just as nice now as they were when I bought them in 2006.

  126. Wayne

    I purchased one of Bob Mika’s pocket holsters when he was first starting out and on the LAPD/SWAT. The holster was for a Charter Arms 38 snubby that I used as a back up weapon. Forty plus years later that holster is still in use and in excellent condition.

  127. Steve (verified owner)

    So Grateful and appreciative for my new holster – S&W 642. I print much less than I had been, and have piece of mind knowing that my weapon will not snag or become unusable in the event I ever had to use it – God forbid. Thank you Mr. Mika , my product arrived in time for my birthday. Will be ordering again – Class A product. You can feel the absolute care and craftsmanship in it and the draw is Lightning Fast. Exceptional!

  128. Nick (verified owner)

    I’ve been carrying a Mika pocket holster for my S&W 442 for around six months and I absolutely love it. Fantastic customer service. I recommend a Mika holster to anyone interested in carrying a pocket gun.

  129. Ethan (verified owner)

    This holster is great. Very good fit and I love being able to have it in my pocket with quick and easy access. First class all the way around. I just ordered another one for my dad.

  130. Chris Moore

    I’ve owned my pocket holster, I believe for a couple years now. I use it with a Sig Sauer P938. Mika makes a great product. I own a handful of other holsters that just collect dust in my garage. After reading these other reviews, I won’t waste your time repeating all the same stuff other costumers have said that’s makes this a great holster. Don’t hesitate to buy this holster.

  131. Matt (verified owner)

    Awesome in its simplicity and quality. Secures firearm in pocket, but allows for quickest most trouble free draw from a pocket short of not using a holster at all which can be dangerous. Also is the only pocket holster I’ve used that allows you to register without removing holster from the pocket. And the holster stays put. Love it! I have two and am ordering a third to have in case I ever wear the others out which is doubtful. Thanks for a great product mika.

  132. Tom Taylor (verified owner)

    Have carried a J frame in my pocket since 1978. The MIKA is far better than any of the numerous models I used in the past. Great product at a fair price

  133. tom (verified owner)

    Mika’s pocket holsters are a legend! You cannot go wrong with one and you will get many years of service for this quality hand sewn masterpiece!

  134. Tom Ostrowski (verified owner)

    Another great holster. Not only is Robert perhaps the nicest guy in the business, his pocket holsters cannot be beat. Nothing fancy, gimmicky or expensive, they plain simply WORK. Thanks again.

  135. bparks (verified owner)

    I have a Mika that he made for my Taurus 450 Ultralite. Works like a dream! 45 Long Colt pocket carry! Works well with my Judge as well. Just ordered my 2nd Mika for a CZ83. Looking forward to 12 rounds of 380 at my disposal.

  136. Jack Robinson

    I have 2 different Mika holsters plus having one made for a friend. They provide everything promised and I highly recommend them.

  137. Gerard (Jerry) Venlet

    Best Pocket holster ever. Ordered mine July of 2012. Fits perfectly in my front pocket and works exactly as described. My j frame gets carried more than any other of my pistols. It has held up like new and it is a little over 5 years old. Made me think about it again because of an article written on USCCA facebook page titled “popular holsters for snubbies. I appreciate the work you put into your small business.

  138. Greg Lindsey

    I certainly agree with all of the excellent reviews! My all stainless S&W 640-1 snubby is heavy for its size, but the Mika makes for super comfortable pocket carry, whether sitting in a chair, the car, walking – whatever. From the first day, if I didn’t know better, I’d think I wasn’t carrying at all – strange, but true. And as others have said, the draw is very smooth, with the holster staying firmly seated every single time. After several years, it looks like the day I received it. The round holster works great in the front pocket of both cargo shorts and jeans. I don’t know what type of synthetic material Robert uses for the shell and grippy part, but it is amazingly rugged. And his stitching and trimming are very precise. What a wonderful product, made for decades right here in the USA, by a great craftsman who takes true pride in his work.

    I’m thinking hard about getting a Glock 43, If I do, I will definitely be purchasing another Mika!

  139. Jim Bonney (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a Mika pocket holster for my J frame for about a year now. It’s been the best year of my CCW life. Comparing this holster to some offerings from big players in the holster business, well, I can tell that this one is designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. An excellent value with excellent service; that’s why I now own two!

  140. George B (verified owner)

    A wonderfully crafted piece of work! This was a present for my daughter! She loves it! He is a man of his word! The best you will ever own!

  141. Eric (verified owner)

    Excellent pocket holster. The quality, price and personal service Mika provides are unparalleled.

  142. Larry (verified owner)

    I just received my pocket holster and it performs as claimed. Thanks!

  143. Bill

    Absolutely the best pocket holster ever made! Light, doesn’t come out with the gun when drawing and doesn’t leave a footprint.

  144. John P.

    Am using Mika’s pocket holsters for a Ruger SP-101 and a Kimber Ultra Carry II. I like these much more than either the Galco or the DeSantis pocket holsters I formerly used. The closed end is a big plus, and the holsters do not print– looks more like a fat wallet — and they stay in your pocket when drawing your sidearm. Lastly– they are very affordable. Hooah!

  145. Steve Krein

    I have been using my Mika pocket holster for 10 years plus. It covers a rare S&W-296 Air-Lite Ti in 44-special that packs a big punch but carries like a folding knife. Every time I clean my rig I see my personalized information inside that holster… a real hoot: hand made, great price, still like new!

  146. Trevor S (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding. Have had one of his holsters for 8 years and have used it daily with virtually no wear. Have owned high noon, milt sparks, fist, safariland & galco and I always come back to Mika’s products. Thanks!

  147. Gerry

    I just received my pocket holster.today and it fits my 938 like a glove., it’s perfect. Thank you for creating such a reasonably priced quality product. I have passed along your web address to my brother-in-law who is looking for a pocket holster.

  148. Dick Westbrook

    Over ten years ago I did a great deal of online research for the best pocket holster for my 642. Mikas kept coming up from several different sources, so I called and spoke with Robert and placed an order. Best decision ever! Perfect fit, extremely comfortable, and printing disappears. After more than ten years of use there is no sign of wear. I’ve recently started carrying a Ruger LCR (amazing what a difference a few ounces less makes), and it fits fine in my original holster. I feel confident this is the best pocket holster made, and anyone would be extremely pleased with it.

  149. Tom S.

    The Mika pocket holster for j-frame is the best one out there. Quality product that is the only one I recommend.

  150. Tom Christiano (verified owner)

    Here’s what I sent to Robert upon receipt of my holster:

    Hi Robert,

    I just received my holster. It is perfect, and lives up to the multitude of praises that I read on the internet prior to ordering it. Thank you for crafting such a nice product. My S&W 642 thanks you as well!

    I still tell people about the phone call from you after placing my order. That was a real touch of class. I wish there were more people like you to do business with.

    All the best, and thank you for your excellent service,


  151. Kevin Thomas

    Found out about Mika’s Pocket Holsters on a Ruger Forum page and am so happy that I did !!
    Not only is Robert a great person to do business with but the holster far exceeded my expectations. Fits my Ruger LCR 357 perfectly and absolutely disappears in my pocket. If your looking for a great quality holster then look no further then here.

  152. Frank Mango (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a Mika pocket holster for my S&W 642 for years, and have been very satisfied with it. When I bought a Glock 43 a few months ago, I immediately ordered another. This one is just as comfortable and effective as the first. The trigger area is covered, the shape of the gun is obscured, and the gun stays in the correct position. Definitely recommended for any pocket handgun!

  153. Andy VanVeen (verified owner)

    25 years ago I purchased my first pocket holster for my j frame revolver and I am still using it today. I just received a new one for my Glock 43 and it just as great as the first one I bought so many years ago. The holsters are comfortable, well made and much lower in price than other similar products out there. I highly recommend these holsters!

  154. Mike Winbush. Jackson Tennessee

    Purchased for S&W 642. Best holster I’ve ever had. Stays in pocket. Gun slides out easy. Fixing to place order for another for a Glock 43. Trying to decide on round or square bottom. 90% blue jean carry. Sure Robert will lead me in the right direction. The day I receive the needed info, the order will be placed.

  155. Pat (verified owner)

    i purchased a pocket holster a few years ago and i LOVE it! even with daily use all this time, it has held up great with only minor wear showing. but it hugs my pistol like a glove while still allowing room for an easy draw. now that i have another pocket pistol, i just ordered a holster for that one, too! the only “downside” is that he doesnt have the variety of colors available anymore. 🙁 a minor thing *shrug* love the product and great workmanship!

  156. Justin perry (verified owner)

    Phenomenal holster, won’t find a better one anywhere online. Amazing that there is still people out there hand making quality products here in America. I purchased my first one last year for a bodyguard. Just ordered my second one for a Taurus revolver. If your looking for the best American made holster, stop here and order one!!

  157. Scott B.

    I have had one of these holsters for a couple of years now. I have many others also. This is BY FAR my favorite pocket holster. Very comfortable and does not ever pull out with the gun like so many others. If you want a quality pocket holster, stop looking and order now. I have just found his sight again, because I am purchasing a new ccw and wanted to get a holster for it also. Thanks for the high quality holster! Love them!

  158. Ernie

    If you want old fashioned quality and durability, stop looking and start shopping at MIKA’s! You will never be sorry!

  159. David Cole

    Bought the Mika about 7-8 years ago for a model 637 and it’s definitely my favorite pocket holster. It simply works well, does not print, fits the contour of my pockets in slacks, cargo shorts or pants. ALWAYS stays in the pocket when I draw the firearm.
    I’m going to see if Rob makes a pocket holster for a Glock 36.

  160. William Bell

    I bought my first Mika Pocket Holster at a police supply store in Long Beach, CA in 1988 or 89. I have not been without one since that time. It is the ONLY pocket holster I will use and no matter how fast a draw I’ve made, it has never come out of my pocket with the gun. As it’s impervious to moisture and it is used a lot in the hot summer months where it rides in the right front pocket of my jeans or cargo shorts. For performance and price, you can’t beat it and it’s made by an ex-cop for cops. I was in LE for some 38 years, so if I recommend this, you can count on it.

  161. Dwight Yamamoto

    After coming home tonight from a family dinner, I removed my Mika pocket holster containing my Glock 43 from my jeans pocket and placed it on the table. For some reason, I stopped and stared at the holster and thought to myself, “damn! it’s been 10 yrs. already since I had this!”

    Yup, 10 yrs. of running this small lil’ holster! As I picked it up again I just kinda of looked at it as I spun it around slowly. I then removed my Glock 43 and began looking at the inside. I could still see the markings and my name that Rob wrote inside the holster. That’s one of those cool things that let’s you know you have a holster personally built for you. I was amazed at how well the holster looked after 10 yrs. of use!

    The holster is a pocket holster round cut that was originally built for my S&W 642 j-frame .38 spl. After getting a Glock 43 last year I began researching for a good pocket holster when it occurred to me, “duh! try and see if it fits in the Mika”, and sure enough it did!

    This holster was one of the best purchases I ever made! It easily accommodates 2 different handguns and wears comfortably with no printing whatsoever. I’m glad I got mines when I did as I only had a very short 1-2 week wait. For those of you on that 12 week waiting list let me tell you it’ll be worth it!

    On a personal note, I’m glad to see you doing good Rob! I’ll continue wishing you much success! Even though it doesn’t look like I’ll be buying another one of your holsters again (due to the fact that I already have one and with its high quality built to last) I’ll continue recommending your holsters on the gun forums.

    Take care brother,
    Dwight from Hawaii

  162. Russell Jennings

    I bought a pocket holster for my S&W J frame 10 years ago, and it has been my daily carry ever since. The quality of Mika’s products are excellent. The rubber grip on the outside isn’t as strong as it used to be, but even now the gun slides out easy and the holster stays in the pocket. I have a drawer full of holsters, but I keep coming back this one. You will do no better than Mika’s for a pocket holster.

  163. Jim Ashberry

    I’ve carried the rounded cut version of this pocket holster for over seven years with my Taurus 850CIA with Lasergrip. Two years ago, the rubber on the outside started getting dry, so I cut a piece of Slip-Not™ rubber fabric on it and glued it on top of the old rubber, and it’s still going strong.

  164. Rob K. (verified owner)

    Best Pocket holster I have used. I have two (one for my Glock 26 and one for a J Frame). The holster has never come out with the draw of the pistol from the pocket. Also, I love that is doesn’t print hardly at all. I carried my Glock 26 for years (6-7) days a week in a Mika’s Pocket holster, without a single problem. The pocket holster has been perfected!

  165. Zach Hindman

    This is without a doubt the best, most comfortable pocket holster I have found. And the price and service are great, too. It fits my S&W j-frame perfectly, it never moves in my pocket, and it really breaks up the outline of my revolver under my clothes. Highly recommended.

  166. Terry W. Cobb

    Should have sent this much earlier. Bought pocket holster probably 18-20 years ago for duty with a J-frame and a SP101. Still using it today. No meaningful signs of wear. Bought a second one couple years ago, to give the older one a rest. Instead, the new old carries my SP101 and the older one the J-frame. Theses holsters seem to last forever and fit just right.

  167. Dave Rosset

    I’ve been wearing my pocket holster for the past year and really like it. I carry a S&W Chief’s Special and it’s a perfect fit. The craftsmanship is outstanding and there is no printing when carried. I am thinking of getting the square option for wearing with cargo shorts.

  168. Dennis Seaton

    I ordered a pocket holster for a revolver a few years ago from Robert. I have tried several differant holsters from time to time and shelved them all but Roberts. I truly have enjoyed carrying my weapon in this pocket holster. You will not find a nicer person to do business with than Robert Mika and his products are five stars quality!

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